Women Empowerment


Ukindo aims to provide support for girls and young women who are already in business or aspiring to set up their own business or project. Ukindo will provide necessary training, skills, mentoring and consultation to help develop a new venture or enhance an existing one. Ukindo will also provide interest free capital loans to help individuals get their projects off of the ground. We focus on those living within villages, slums and deprived areas who by their birth circumstances find themselves with limited options. Our programmes not only increase opportunities for these young women but for their families for generations to come.

  • Ukindo to identify young women who are either involved in a small enterprise or who aspire to start their own.
  • Ukindo to assess and identify the resources, skills and training required to develop or set up their business.
  • To create, facilitate and support new business links and networking between these local enterprises and large businesses.
  • Create an infrastructure that is self sustaining and available to multiple generations.