Ukindo Freecycle Project


Ukindo aims to develop a project to help save good but unwanted items from being thrown away and to have them redistributed to children and families from slums or deprived areas. For those more fortunate, clothes, toys and books are a part of their everyday lives, but for many children, clothes that fit, clothes that are untorn and clean are few and far between, toys are scarce and books too expensive. For some children and their families it is a fight to simply survive and the things that we take for granted are but a luxury for them.
As well as the redistribution of household items, Ukindo will also be working in partnership with businesses to redistribute items such as computers no longer required which could be used in some education settings.

Ukindo recognises the need to improve recycling in India and to work towards environmental sustainability. Of course Ukindo also recognises the staggering levels of poverty that exists. Finding a way to support both goals is relevant and important to every member of Indian society. Ukindo will use donations directly but will also distribute to existing charities. Rest assured, your donations will reach the people that need them and make a real difference, be it warm clothes in the winter, a child's first toy or perhaps a child's first steps into a new world hidden within the pages of a book.

Donations boxes for household donations are located in various regions in Delhi.

  • Ukindo to place donation boxes across Delhi.
  • Ukindo to create exposure through various marketing channels and direct discussions with businesses to increase donations
  • Ukindo to liaise with local charities to ascertain their needs and create a distribution plan.
  • Implement regular distribution network of volunteers

Please help us help others. It might just be the easiest way to make the biggest difference.