Foster Care India

Foster care is a way of providing children and young people a home, love and security in a time of their lives where their families are unable or unwilling to look after them. Ukindo aims to identify and support families who for a variety of reasons are fostering a child, related or non- related.

In every village, in every town, in every city in India, for as long as we have existed, children have been born entirely vulnerable and with an innate need to be nurtured, loved and protected. For some children, that most basic of need is cruelly withheld from their childhood through the randomness of their birth. Many will lose their parents through illness and death, some are heartlessly abandoned and others are abused to the point where running away alone is better than the life they were born into.

Not every child is lost however, many are cared for by family members, friends, or un-associated families who are driven to help those in need and have the capacity to foster non-birth children into their family unit. Ukindo aims to offer advice, guidance and support to these foster families to ensure they can continue to make life changing impacts in the lives of these children.

  • Ukindo to identify families already providing foster care to children in order to better understand their training and support needs.
  • Ukindo to develop localised and regional training and support provisions for foster carers.
  • Ukindo to engage in discussion with Local Government to help develop models of foster care utilising many years of expertise of fostering in the UK that exists within Ukindo's management team.
  • Ukindo to help build the profile of fostering within India to encourage more foster carers to come forward nationally.