Ukindo Corporate Club

Ukindo works closely with corporate organisations who want to see their companies make a difference in the wider society. Ukindo offers a wide range of ways in which businesses can get involved with projects either existing or new, part sponsorship or full or even by providing staff volunteers for short periods.

Here are some of the ways in which your company could work with us:

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a powerful and easy way for employees to assist Ukindo by providing financial support towards specific projects. It would normally take the form of an agreed small deduction from employees' salaries who are supporting the cause.


Ukindo provides numerous ways in which businesses can become sponsors. This may include sponsoring specific events, functions, general advertising within Ukindo literature and cross marketing efforts. It will help Ukindo to reach the target audience and increase its sphere of influence.

Sponsoring Ukindo can give your staff the opportunity to associate with projects that they can feel passionate about and which can increase motivation. Other positives can include reaching a new target audiences, increased brand awareness and positive perceptions in the local and wider community.


Corporate volunteering is an excellent way of team building, boosting staff morale within the organisation and raising the general company profile. The opportunities can be tailored to meet your organisational objectives, whether it be supporting reading in schools, preparing young women in IT skills to improve employability or helping physically build the next new Ukindo school. Any help is appreciated.

Donations in kind

Companies can provide donations of products produced that can be used by Ukindo projects, for example a sewing machine company providing a free machine for a Ukindo village entrepreneur scheme, or maybe the simple donation of old stock computers for the 'Ukindo Freecycle Project' which can be redistributed to new schools.