Ukindo Ambassadors

Ukindo Ambassadors are volunteers who are actively involved supporting Ukindo projects, endeavours and causes to a high level. They may have raised significant funding, or perhaps have physically volunteered in one of our projects. Ukindo Ambassadors are valued members of the Ukindo family and continue to make a difference to the projects and values that Ukindo holds dear.

What do Ukindo ambassadors do?

    Ambassadors do vital work for Ukindo, including:

  • Sharing information with peers, friends and family.
  • Represent Ukindo to schools, groups and clubs
  • Work as a spokesperson to inspire others to join and support a Ukindo programme.
  • Lead or support the promotion of campaigns and events through the year including meetings, conferences and social online channels.
Become a Ukindo ambassador

Are you interested in becoming an Ukindo ambassador? Are you already involved in a project or would you like to? If so, we'd love to hear from you! An ambassador is a voluntary role for those that want to make the biggest and ongoing different to Ukindo and the children and families that it supports. .

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