About Us

Ukindo was set up by a team passionate about making a difference to the lives of impoverished children living in India.

With experience of developing educational provision and running large fostering services in India, the Ukindo team brings a wealth of skills and experience to a demographic of children and families in India who have literally nothing including hope. Whilst currently the charity is in it's infancy, the ambitions of the founders is that Ukindo will one day be recognised throughout India and be the source of support for thousands of children on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Ukindo's founders aim to make life changing differences to children who are affected by poverty or disability in a way that is effective and sustainable.

Ukindo is a charitable organisation which provides life changing opportunities through its orphanages, schools and associated support projects for some of the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of India.

Every night children sleep alone on the streets and around the city's main stations. Many are ill, most suffer serious forms of exploitation and all are vulnerable. Ukindo works to change the lives of destitute children and help them to become independent, self-supporting members of society.